About Kim Nagle, GD, CH, CI


For more than twenty-five years, Kim Nagle has been professionally helping people meet life’s challenges and transitions through hypnosis, guided meditations and other techniques and models from her years of working with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and transpersonal psychology. Her goal is to help you be the person you see yourself being, achieving the success you want in your life. In working with Ms. Nagle you will identify the habits, patterns or symptoms that you want to change and then work together to address the issues. She will be able to customize suggestions to meet your specific needs.

Ms. Nagle has worked with homeless veterans and their families with many symptoms of PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) PTS affects thousands of veterans and troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The numbers of those affected are increasing at an alarming rate. Kim uses hypnosis and EFT to work with the symptoms associated with PTS.

As a long time hypnotherapy group facilitator, seminar lecturer and trainer she has trained thousands of professionals to work with trauma and grief issues. Ms. Nagle is a professional public speaker and speaks regularly on hypnotherapy, as well as, a wide variety of topics. She is on the national speaker’s bureau for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). She also facilitates support groups and meditation groups as along with personal development workshops.

According to Ms. Nagle, “The most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy is for weight loss or weight gain, smoking cessation, stress reduction and past life regression to explore past lives.” She added, “There are many fears such as fear of driving, fear of driving on the highway, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of insects and lots of other fears.” Continuing, Ms. Nagle stated, “Many people seek help to get their lives balanced and moving in a positive direction, many seek assistance with low confidence and low self-esteem.” She concluded, “Hypnotherapy can be used to work with all sorts symptoms related to trauma and to change unwanted feelings, habits and patterns.”

Ms. Nagle was trained as a psychotherapist in London, UK at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust. Upon graduation she trained for another year at the world famous Tavistock Clinic also in London. Becoming interested in hypnosis and other alternative modalities Ms. Nagle now practices hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, guided meditation, meditation, bi-lateral brain stimulation and teaches clients and group members about brain entrainment.

She is currently in development of Advanced Mental Strategies, an online resource of hypnosis scripts and session downloads for individuals to further their therapy and for practitioners to expand their offerings.  Through collaboration with a partner, Howard Rosner, Advanced Mental Strategies will branch into performance based suggestions for athletes and others looking to improve their mental focus in competitive environments.